Ballet is the foundation of all dance genres, and provides the pupils with a sense of discipline, technique, posture and grace.  We aim to provide a strong foundation in ballet that enhances and improves training, benefiting other genres of dance.                        

Many of our younger pupils begin with our music and movement classes where very basic ballet steps are learnt. As our pupils progress through the levels, we strive to teach a strong foundation in technique combined with performance skills and aim to inspire a love of classical ballet. Cecchetti Method Exams are offered and start from Pre-primary through to Intermediate levels.

Class levels include :-

Pre Primary & Primary

Standard/Grade 1-6

Intermediate Levels


When the girls are strong enough and of correct age, we introduce pointe work as part of the Cecchetti syllabus and further classical ballet training. Great care and attention is given to the pupils at this stage.                                                                                         

Poorly-trained ballet dancers can be subject to injury, therefore we believe it is important to have established correct technique and strength from an early age.

Alongside Cecchetti syllabus classes, we also offer our Elite Team.  In these classes, our aim is to increase and progress flexibility, strength and technique to aid classical development as well as being lots of fun! Pupils also learn Contemporary dance within these classes giving them the opportunity to explore floor work, expansive movement, contrasting dynamics and risk taking. Students attending these classes progress quickly and benefit greatly from them. There is an annual audition for the Elite Team to which all students over the age of 7 are encouraged to attend.

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